PS3 Sucks

PS3 Sucks, originally uploaded by tejanarora.

This was taken at the Gamestop near my house. This proves that the PS3 sucks.


Falafelkid said...

This proves the PS3 sucks? No, it proves you fake evidence. Nice try, anyway.

tejan said...

how does it prove me fake?

Falafelkid said...

Well, it does not constitute proof in the actual sense of the word. But allow me to play the devil´s advocate here. Would GameStop publish such a message on a hand-written piece of paper and attach it to a Kno-Go frame?

Would they voluntarily betray the fact that they have ´plenty´ of PS3 stock? This is a bit of a no-no among salespeople, really.

And, finally, you publish this under the heading ´PS3 sucks´ which is pretty fanboyish, you must admit.

If you are interested in proving that you did not fake this one, give me the address of the store. I will do the rest. But I am quite sure that you won´t, since it is obviously made up.

tejan said...

Broadway Mall, Hicksville NY, EB games --> transformed into Gamestop...
In response to your PS3 fanboyness: If any thing, im a Sega "fanboy". I own almost every major system you can name since 1985 except the PS3. I havnt bought it yet cause of the mediocre launch titles and lack of killer apps this early after the launch. This lacking library supports my "opinion" of why the PS3 currently sucks. I'm sure thta later on in its life it will be a lot better given that there will be be tons of exclusive titles for it (cough GT5 cough). On a side note, I didn't even bother getting a 360 until this October because of the accumulated library of games and the fact that they addressed many problems of the launch builds. You can call up that GameStop and ask them about the sign. I am pretty sure they will support my picture. You can even tell them to check out the picture if you want to at Joystiq.com to confirm. I really don't care.