Elections[advertising scam] -a very Jason-esque post

I’ll tell you straight up; voting is a bunch of bull shit especially in NY. Your vote does not count, unless you live in a state like Florida. Living in New York and voting is a waste of time and money. You know New York is going to be democratic. Voting is exactly what the government wants you to do. The reason of this is for money.

Of course all of you have watched at least one debate, news report, and/or comedy feature about the elections, along comes with it is commercials. It’s all about the bling… holla at your boy; this election period is a field day for advertisers and TV channels. You can even call this a second super bowl for advertisers. It is also conveniently a month before Christmas shopping season, and people always want the newest toy clothing accessory they see on TV. They are making billions of dollars by brainwashing you during your information session on the television.

The Vote-or-Die campaigns are campaigns to promote watching advertisements. They are promoting you to get to know your presidential choices, and while you are doing that you can also see what choice shampoo you have so that you can buy that after you vote. I bet you don't think that the vote-or-die campaigners are also in on it? Why else would P Diddy waste his time if the event did not involve any money or self promotion, [you know he gots to pay his bills for his b squared [bling bling]] and Escalades that he has to show off on the next episode of MTV cribs). He is going for what Plato [Glaucon] would call the third (worst) type of good, which is the good only seeking consequence. You do not promote voting for the sake of voting, you would promote for the consequence of being a symbol for the young voting generation of America, and in this case he is trying to be a self proclaimed idol to these kids.

“YO P DIDDY IS THE SHEEZY, IM GONNA VOTE CUZ HES MY DOG, HE FEELS ME AIGHT”- Random kid. Later on, that random kid will buy his clothing and next CD all in one shot. The more they look up to him, the more of his shit they will buy… no diggity. Do you see anyone else giving a shit about this without making such a big advertisement about it? No…

Yes voting is a “right” you get, but that don’t mean that you have to take it so seriously. Would you jump off a bridge of your choice if the government gave you the “right” to? Sure you have the “right” to vote, but is it really right? The only reason the government wants you to vote is so that you can blame your selves for the bad presidency, even though it’s all set up and they already know who is going to win. People are losing friendships and partnerships because of the different views they have in politics. I think the republic we live in is giving us false rights and that it don’t even matter what you vote for, there is so much more to this process that makes your vote not count. Yes people vote for the experience, but who cares, especially if you reside in NY. Try to convince Florida or Ohio, they are borderline states.

To save time, if you know someone who is voting the opposite of you, don’t waste your time by both of you staying home. You are only going to cancel yourselves out.

I don’t want to vote for bush, but I also don’t know why I should vote for Kerry. Yes people yell at me for being undecided, but do they know what they are voting for? Yes I do get a hell of a lot of complaints on Bush’s side but they have no definite reason they want Kerry. The reason a lot of people are voting for Kerry is because they do not want bush anymore. That is not a reason to vote for Kerry… that is reason NOT to vote for Bush. I am democratic by heart, but when I become rich and my income is above a certain amount, I might transfer to the other side. There is a SLIGHT chance that I will be participating in this election, I hope you all understand and I hope none of you care and have enjoyed reading my bullshit article I wrote early in the AM. This is truly a bull shit article so don’t complain; but let me know what you think though.

[Elections is spyware installed in your TV]

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Jatin said...

Well, first of all Voting is not bullshit. It is a right that every US Citizen has. It is very important to vote. Now if you truly do not care about your future or your country then don't bother voting. If you don't vote because you know nothing about the people running is a bullshit excuse. What is stopping you from researching a candidate. Today all information is available on the Internet. you can find out about a person in minutes. Although there is a lot of biased info out there is also unbiased stuff too. Another thing mentioned was My Vote doesn't count. That is complete bullshit. Ask yourself why doesn't your vote count? There are probably several million people that do not vote that think the same thing. now if they all vote that would definitely change something, Right... also your one vote will make a difference by one point for that candidate.