MRC:The hottest computers to hit the market

A new company named MRC has just announced that they are open for business. MRC AKA “Mad Real Computers” offers a tremendously powerful unit at a mad cheap price. This underground computer making company makes the hottest gaming PCs out there. Operated and controlled by two very smart businessmen, Humza Ahmad and Tejan Arora, this company is with out fail. MRC offers eye-destroying performance using top name brand parts such as AMD and ATI. All computers are fully tested before they reach the customer. You can get a fully customized computer exactly the way you want it. To contact and get an estimate of your dream computer please email [madrealcomputers@yahoo.com] or directly talk to them via AIM: [Tejan- tejanarora] [Humza- HFAhmad]

[“If it’s not MRC its fake”]

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