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Do you ever get so bored that you go through your junk e-mail to find something entertaining? Well I do. here's a funny and maybe serious junk mail that was sent to me by some russian man(i guess posing as a woman) trying to get me to goto his porn site cause it seems very fake.

Subject: Hello from russia..
Hello have a good day,
I am not sure where to begin,it is first time I try to use internet to meet the man but the thing is,that I will work abroad I can choice USA,Canada or Europe and I would like to meet the man to share free evenings and be my guide. My friends helped me to send a few letters to different address and I do hope that I am lucky to meet good and kind man.you should know that now I live in Russia and my goal is to leave this country because it is impossible to live here for young pretty woman.they tell I look well enough,I am blonde with blue eyes,I am natural blonde.I will send a few photos if you reply. if you don't have wife nor girlfriend ,maybe we could try to meet? I am free I have not children .and I have not boyfriend here. I am 25 years old ,please write to me directly to my mail- fruy1@pochta.ru See you soon ,with great hope.

or maybe it's real... hmmm. What if she is coming here, I don't want her to get stuck with some rapist, or some PIMP who would take advantage of her hotness. But why would she e-mail me out of everyone? WHY ME...?

[If the only thing you read is junk mail, this is how things would seem]
The internet always makes it seem that half the people in the world's population are hot pornstars that are looking for guys like me to look at them, take them out and ultimately pay them. It also make it seem that I have potancy issues because they keep offer me drugs to increase to my potential. And I don't need them hinting to me that I am fat by offering me diet pills. The internet is a horrible friend :( How come it never sends me nice e-mails that dont push drugs or prostitutes? Maybe the internet is a PIMP/Drug Dealer. Maybe it isn't my friend at all. And if you think about it, you pay for this PIMP/Drug Dealer monthly to keep this stuff coming to you.

I hope you all have realized something today: if the internet was a person, he would be on the corner of 89th street pushing hoes and crack on you like you were some horny desperate savage, and would say anything no matter how horrible it would make you feel, and you would be a sucka pay him for it too... You would pay him regularly to provide you with these things. We all should be ashamed of ourselves.


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Jitpal Kocher said...

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