My life on crutches

Imagine not being able to travel as much as you do, imagine just sitting at home most of the day doing nothing but waiting for your friends to come over and hang out. Imagine not being able to go out by your self and always having to rely on people to do get you what you need. Imagine being a parasite on many people. It sucks, but you learn a lot.

Many people break their leg/knee/ankle/shins, and are forced to use crutches. Sure crutches sound cool because you have another two legs to kick more ass at the same time and to maneuver around, but you have to understand that the person’s life changes. I have been on crutches for almost 4 months and my life had definitely changed. It all started at the NYU’s Relay For Life [walk for cancer]. I was just about in hour in to the walk and I was taking a break in the middle of the gym where people have set up camps and I was just sitting on the floor. Right when I get up :: SNAP!! :: there goes my knee. It sounds mad stupid how I broke my knee, but if anyone stood up the way I did they would break it too. Everything turned red and I could not hear anything, all I remember was that I was losing my balance and my friend Neville caught me before I fell. It was hurting like a mother. [lets skip the visit to the hospital and bullshit]

After that whole deal, I found out I had to get surgery and stuff, I was like cool I can start walking soon, but that was not the case. After the surgery my doctor said that I have to keep my leg straight for one whole month and then after that physical therapy for 2 months. School was mad hard to attend with a broken leg. It was hard walking to classes on crutches. I, still to this date, [half way through summer] have not taken two of my finals. People certainly treat me differently because I am “handicapped”. I hate asking people to do stuff for me, but there is not that much I can do just by my self. I cannot drive, I cannot carry any food to my room, it is difficult to walk up stairs, and I cannot go too far a distance. It is extremely hard living the life on crutches, but you definitely find out a lot about people that you know and about the people, you do not know. There is no reason to complain about my family, they help me when I need. Most of the people that I know are good in heart and are supportive, but I did get to know the other side of people that I did not want to know. I know people more than they think I know them [I think]. I know I have matured after this whole broken knee situation and that there are still some people who need to mature. It is sad how some people change for the worst in front of your eyes. One minute you think they are your best friend, but when they realize that they cannot get anything out of it, and that you are useless they become less friendly. I think its total bullshit and I hate it. [I hope you understand what I mean.] I have made friends with the people who were always friends with me. Either I have changed or my friends have not changed.

To conclude this, all I have to say is that life on crutches sucks because I cannot drive. This thing is not all that I have to say but I will just end it at that, I do not want to bore you people any more.


Kavneet said...

True dat allahboy. I pyar u no matter whatz. Peace up

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